John Radcliffe is the principal for Radcliffe & Associates, LLC.

One of Hawaii’s most experienced governmental consultants, John Radcliffe has successfully represented some of the nation’s largest corporations and most prestigious trade associations, as well as various unions and governmental officials before Hawaii’s state government.

Our Mission

To provide Government Relations Consulting to clients

Company Profile

Based in Honolulu, Radcliffe & Associates, LLC is one of Hawaii’s leading governmental and legislative consulting firms.

Specializing in legislative and executive branch advocacy at all levels of government, the firm is solidly grounded in a clear understanding of Hawaii’s business community, labor unions, as well as state and county governmental players, policy,  and process.

This knowledge and the historical perspective  it has earned, gives Radcliffe & Associates, LLC a considerable edge and makes it an ideal partner for individuals and firms doing business with Hawaii’s legislative and executive branches of government.

Contact Information

Cell: (808) 754-4026
Office: (808) 531-4551
Home: (808) 536-3091
Fax: (808) 599-4340

Postal address

Royal Queen Emma
222 South Vineyard Street, Suite 401
Honolulu, HI 96813

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